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an Organization of Africans in the Diaspora working with Africans at home for a rapid economic & social development of Africa.






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To organize all Africans in the Diaspora and individual Africans in Africa to actively participate in the economic and social development of all of Africa, in order to raise the standard of living of the average African, in the next 20 years,  to the same level as that of people living in most other regions of the world.




ACPD will bring together, the smartest sons and daughters of Africa in Diaspora and within Africa, to put their heads together, through Think Tanks of Subject Matter Experts, to find practical and diplomatic solutions to all the current problems that are holding each individual African back, and to recommend viable practical solutions to leaders in Africa, and assisting them in facilitating such solutions. ACPD will assist Diaspora members from each African country towards achieving the best possible changes/improvements in their local communities that brings about acceptable economic and social development for the masses of their population.




Most countries of the other continents have so far applied more modern science and technology to advance their collective wealth and well-being, more than Africa has done. In the connected world we live in today, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a measuring yardstick of development, success of a societies & nations and indicates the standard of living of a people. Those nations with the highest numbers provide the best quality of lives for their people, provide more opportunities for individual growth, and are more respected by others. To participate as an equal player in this global village, Africa or a group of African countries must ramp up their GDPs and seamlessly merge into the �traffic� of global activities, while also offering Africa�s own unique flavour of our advantaged resources to the world. Development could be quantified in several ways but the ability of individuals to live happy fulfilled lives on this earth, ought to be one of the best ways to measure development of a group.     
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